Res College Symposium 2018 has ended
The symposium is an  inter-college event where students openly discuss the topics explored  within each college’s respective theme.

Every  RC  student will give either a Presentation or a  Poster -  either as a  group  or as an individual project.  Every RC student will also be an audience  member.  

At Registration, you will receive a name tag with your schedule on it.

The Symposium is organized into two, concurrent, sessions: Session I: 1:30 p.m. - 3:00 p.m. & Session II: 3:10 p.m. - 4:40 p.m.

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Venue: Terrace Toom [clear filter]
Saturday, December 1

1:40pm EST

Poster Session Moderators Terrace ToomKeith Buffinton • Andrew Champlin • Prof. Michael Drexler • Jordan Ferrari • Prof. Cymone Fourshey • Trashawna Herbert • Anna Kell • Izzy Law • Catherine MacKay • Molly McGuire • Prof. Collin McKinney • Holly Moore • Joe Scapellato • Prof. Geoff Schneider • Em Sharp • Maddy Smith • Ty Smith • Prof. Mark Spiro Activism, Lyricism, and Rhythm (Race) Terrace ToomAtkins, Akil • Zhou, Jingyi • Negron, Jonathan • Gabriele, Joseph • Lin, Stephanie • Zhang, Yuqing Medicinal Garden Terrace ToomWarfel, Ava • Zhao, Jiawen • Shah, Sarah • Dollar, Theresa Promoting Amphibian Biodiversity and Research Opportunities within the Bucknell University Farm Terrace ToomWukitch, Abigail • Zhang, Justin • Carr, Kailyn • Foradora, Peter An analysis into modern solutions to food deserts Terrace ToomMattiucci, Joseph • Natalie Moreno • Skitch, Otis Your Lawn is Lacking: The Why and How of Sustainable Gardening Terrace ToomMurray, Charlotte • Coatl Miranda, Maria • O'Halloran, Molly American Influence Abroad Terrace ToomClarke, Cameron • McConnell, Margaret • Jabbour, Stephen Human Rights Violations & How We Let Them Happen Terrace ToomKing, Eleanor • Lee, Joe • Melkonian, Matilda Investigating Human Rights Violations as Perpetrated by the United States Terrace ToomBoyer, Alexander • Schneider, Alexandra • Buoscio, Julia U.S. Political Agendas: Interventionism's Influence on Human Rights Terrace ToomThomas, Hunter • Pomeroy, Megan • Martinez, Skyler Albet Camus V. Jean-Paul Sartre Terrace ToomTang, Jiaqi Confederate Carving on Stone Mountain Terrace ToomBarbera, Jesse • Baldwin, Thomas Consciousness Terrace ToomLagerback, Elizabeth Consciousness and the Imagination Terrace ToomHorn, Scarlett Death Rituals In Cultures Around the Globe Terrace ToomLittenberg, Chase Death Through Music Terrace ToomDoane, Andrew Exploring the Concreteness of Human Experience Through Classical Music Terrace ToomIsabella Carrega Life's Meaning and the Absurd: Reasoning and Alternatives Terrace ToomMaya Brown • Verona Hendricks Relations between Homegoing and 12 Years A Slave Terrace ToomDonovan, William Slavery and discrimination Terrace ToomWang, Hanzheng The Problem of Evil Terrace ToomDiaz, Angelique the problems of evil Terrace ToomLundy, Brenden The Public Presence of Confederate Monuments Terrace ToomLopez, Anthony The Value of Absurdity to Humanity Terrace ToomMacKelcan, Davis A History of the Youth during Post-War in Spain Terrace ToomCordova, Ruby A History Passed Down Terrace ToomSohn, Sally Chinglish as a face-threatening act Terrace ToomMinh Anh Phan • Wan, Xinran • Huang, Yanjing Fashion and Language: An Analysis of How Words Impact Trends in America Terrace ToomConklin, Ethan • Coleman, Hallee • Friedman, Lara • Jeon, Sun Woo Futbol For All Terrace ToomAndrei Bucaloiu Islamic Women in Graphic Novels Terrace ToomCollier, Patrick Stitches: A Silent World Terrace ToomRivait, Nicole The effect of Alzheimer's on caregivers Terrace ToomGetaneh, Bitseat The Holocaust's Effect on Generations of Families Terrace ToomMonti, Kayanne The Voyeurs: How people in contemporary age live and make decision? Terrace ToomTian, Yijie Police Brutality in Modern America Terrace ToomJacob Feuerstein • Campbell, James • Polan, Melaina Accessibility of 3D Printing in Medicine Terrace ToomPalphreyman, Kerri Benefits of Video Games Terrace ToomMedina, Julian Changes In Infrastructure Needed to Accommodate Autonomous and Electric Vehicles Terrace ToomVargas II, Carlos Children's YouTube: Far from innocence Terrace ToomNicholas DeMarchis Data and Security in the Modern World Terrace ToomMessner, Parker Electronic Medical Record: The Problems and The Future Terrace ToomWarnick, Anthony Enhanced Virtual Reality Involving all Types of Education Terrace ToomChen, Zeming Fusion Power: Why it is 30 Years Away and May Always Be Terrace ToomFarkas, Ezekiel Genetic Mapping Terrace ToomRohrer, Callie How the Concentration of Plastics in Ocean and Freshwater Systems Impacts Access to Clean Water Terrace ToomMaren Yamada Human Genetic Enhancement Terrace ToomLong, Quenton Instagram Terrace ToomSilverman, Max Internet of Things & Society: Intertwined Terrace ToomMekonnen, Helina Sustainable Transportation in the United States and Abroad Terrace ToomParkes, Nicholas TBD Terrace ToomPage, James The Evolution If Urban Transportation Terrace ToomSanborn, Nicholas Water Purification Techniques for Application in Third World Countries Terrace ToomCaitlyn Schuette

3:10pm EST

Poster Session Moderators Terrace ToomBhagawat Acharya • Avery Blasko • Prof. Chris Camuto • Bethany Collier • Gari Eberly • Chiara Evans • Abby Flynt • Prof. Brantley Gasaway • Bastian Heinsohn • Suphanat Juengprasertsak • Sally Koutsoliotas • Prof. Stephanie Larson • Kayla McCellon • Dylan Pappas • Kofi Poku • Ron Smith • Faith Trejo • Carol White Activism Lyricism and Rhythm Terrace ToomRachel Anello • Turner, Logan • Francisco, Luisa • Binford, Ryan • Chen, Yida (Bee)lieve in a Sustainable Future Terrace ToomChatrnuck, Christina • Celedon, Jasmin • Croteau, Sarah • Yao, Zijian Food Forest Terrace ToomTheo Eckert-Budis • Goldman, Emily • Block, Genevieve Meditation Garden Terrace ToomMcLagan, Julia • Mahoney, Katelyn • O'Neil, Molly • Selmon, Nevia The Real Cost of Banana Terrace ToomElla Carlander • Zavattaro, Lia • Guo, Tianrui How US Intervention Fostered Human Rights Violations Terrace ToomZara, Catherine Andrea • Campbell, Caroline • Etheridge, Kevin The Empire of Human Rights: The Effects of US Interference Overseas Terrace ToomBrown, Cassandra • Dirk Chisholm • Livanos, John The Global Impact of CIA Interventions Terrace ToomOh, Christopher • Segreti, Grace • Garnett, Kendall • Pierson, Kendall Alien and the Odyssey Terrace ToomYoo, Marissa Alienation In The Stranger Terrace ToomPiazza, Dominic An Absurd Play For An Absurd Audience Terrace ToomCholnoky, Peter Ancient Flood Stories of Different Cultures Terrace ToomThomas, Andrew Ancient Greek sports Terrace ToomAndrews, Carnell Armor: Survival and Symbolism Terrace ToomSimon, Charlotte • Morris, Emily Authenticity Terrace ToomMajewski, Marta Constantine the Great and the Orthodox Church Terrace ToomNiaros, Dimitrios David, King of Israel Terrace ToomGrover, Luke • Bennett, Madeline Gone With The Wind: A Confederate Monument Terrace ToomParrino, Jessica Greco-Persian Wars Terrace ToomKshettry, Adit Investigating the Stories Behind Monticello and Smith Plantations Terrace ToomMishler, Molly Stoicism: Zeno, Seneca, and Marcus Aurelius Terrace ToomBui, Minh TBD Terrace ToomKohler, Joshua The Dionysian Mysteries Terrace ToomSage Lamade The Last Roman Terrace ToomKendall, Peyton The Lost Tomb of Alexander the Great Terrace ToomKennedy, Jacob The Peloponnesian War Terrace ToomVenico, Renne Emmanuel • Haber, Sarah Trepanation Terrace ToomLai, Angela Women's Mental Health: From Hysteria to Housewives Terrace ToomMilio, Rachel (Mis)understandings at Bucknell: What does he/she mean by that? Terrace ToomZhu, Hengrui • Le, Ngoc • Pan, Shangyan French New Wave and Cinema Terrace ToomMeehan, Allison • Mack, Casey How the Goddess Shakti empowers women and challenges traditional society Terrace ToomIlliano, Julia March: The Ongoing Fight for Social Justice Terrace ToomMadden, Melissa TBD Terrace ToomVolpe, Allyse The exploration of binaries in queer identity politics Terrace ToomDorji, Sherab The Impact of Civil Rights Movements on American Identity Terrace ToomJohnston, Rachel Use It or Lose It: Face and the United States Presidency Terrace ToomHurdle, Andrew • Rowland, Itzak • Kang, Sunggye Positivity in Pronouns Terrace ToomParis Grigsby • Tokish, Julia • Endashaw, Lielt 3D-Printing Personalized Medicine Terrace ToomBoyer, Adam Advancing Education for Students Terrace ToomShin, Hannah Artificial Intelligence Terrace ToomLee, Andrew Artificial Intelligence Terrace ToomFahey, Benjamin Autonomous vehicles Terrace ToomAmin, Osama Blockchain in Finance Terrace ToomBoyle, Brennan Facial Recognition Terrace ToomOliphant, Ephraim Genetic Engineering Terrace ToomStroud, Maura Smart Technology Terrace ToomZhu, Brandon Stem Cell Research: the Advent of Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells Terrace ToomShannon McCollum TBD Terrace ToomSagoe, Ebenezer TBD Terrace ToomMisra, Rishaan The Active Pursuit of Passive Solar Infrastructure Terrace ToomLee, Jaden VR You Ready?: A Window into the Future of Virtual Reality Terrace ToomWhalen, Devin

4:40pm EST